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M.S. Imagination
The Western Carribean
September 26, 1998 - October 3, 1998

The Ship

Carnival's M.S. Imagination

What kind of person goes on a singles cruise?

That's like asking "What kind of kid eats Armour hot dogs?"

Here's the entire group (or at least the hard-code party people). This is really going to tax my memory, but from left to right, we see Peter, Scott, Olivia, Susan, Cassie, Robin, Jay, Vivian, Sam, Ben, John, Pam, (Christina?), Roger, Gail, Allison, and Sue.

Here's a small group of us partying in Jay's cabin. From left to right, there's Robin, Sam, Sue, Ben, and Al.

Of course, there's plenty of opportunity to dress formally. Left to right, we have Jay, Tom, Ben, and Gail.

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