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SCUBA Penguin's Dive Log

I try to keep track of all my dives here. There may be times when I'm a little behind, but I'll catch up! The times are as reported by my dive computer, so include ascent and safety stop time. The links below should be linked to the dive shops, but they tend to drift over time. Please let me know if you find any bogus links. I also have my personal ratings for all these dive operations. You can expand one section, select them all, or select none.

Dive Date Locale Site Max
Time Comments
Hawaii, Aug-Sep 1993 (11 dives)
Israel, Mar 1993 (4 dives)
Bahamas, May 1994 (2 dives)
Hawaii, Dec 1994 (18 dives)
Netherland Antilles, Jul 1995 (7 dives)
Red Sea, Sep 1996 (5 dives)
Hawaii, Nov 1997 (12 dives)
Carribean Cruise, Sep 1998 (4 dives)
Hawaii, Apr 2000 (8 dives)
Netherland Antilles, Sep 2001 (9 dives)
Netherland Antilles, Jul 2003 (8 dives)
Hawaii, Oct 2003 (4 dives)
Thailand, May-Jun 2004 (8 dives)
Carribean Cruise, Jul 2005 (2 dives)
Netherland Antilles, Jul 2006 (4 dives)
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